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Airport Services

Flying in to Malta Inernational Airport and don’t know what services there are? Don’t worry. We have you covered with a handy visual guide detailing all the facilities of the airport to you don’t get confused or lost while trying to make your way through the building.

Here’s what you will find at the airport upon arrival:

Arrivals at Malta International

  1. Transfer Area
  2. AirMalta / Globe Ground Desk
  3. Non-Shengen Transfer Area
  4. Immigration Control
  5. Doctor’s Office

If you’re collecting your baggage, you might want to make yourself accustomed to the baggage reclaim area:

malta airport baggage reclaim
  1. Baggage Conveyor Belts
  2. Malta Transfer Desk
  3. Customs Screening Area
  4. Duty Free by Nuance
  5. AirMalta Counter
  6. Globeground Counter
  7. Customs Office

On the chance that someone is coming to pick you up from the main airport terminal, you’ll be meeting them at the Welcomer’s Hall. Here is the layout for this area:

Welcomers Hall

  1. 8 Till Late
  2. Public Transport Ticket Machine
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Lotto Booth
  5. Vodafone
  6. Globe Ground Malta
  7. Public Transport Counter
  8. Car Park Pay on Foot Machine
  9. Clear Channel
  10. MTA Office
  11. Green Motion Car Rentals
  12. National Statistics Office
  13. AirMalta Baggage Services
  14. Worldwide Representative Counters
  15. AP Malta / MCM
  16. Costa Coffee
  17. Azure Welcome Booth
  18. Taxi Booth
  19. HSBC
  20. Tourist Information
  21. AirMalta Baggage Service
  22. Car Hire Counters
  23. Rent a Car Deposit Box
  24. Tour/Travel Operators
  25. Maltatransfer Waiting Room
  26. Fairplay

Finding your bearings outside the terminal building may be difficult, but get to know that guide and you’ll be on your way to your destination on the island in no time at all:

Outside The Terminal
  1. Public Transport Bus Stop
  2. La Vallette Lounge Meeting Point
  3. Taxi Stand
  4. SkyParks Business Centre
  5. McDonald’s
  6. McDonald’s Drive Through
  7. Rental Car Park
  8. Car Park




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