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Malta is a small island, but that doesn’t mean its hard to get from the Airport, or A to B for that matter. Whether you’re looking for a quick ride over to Valletta, or need to go north to catch the next ferry to Gozo, white taxi cabs can take you anywhere on the island from the airport 24 hours a day.hail a cab

Booking a taxi at the airport is quite simple and very hassle free. Passengers buy their ticket for the taxi before they leave the terminal building. You can find out the location to get a ticket by checking out the map right here.  All fares are laid out on a fixed fare basis. This means that drivers can’t overcharge a passenger based on their destination or the time of the journey.

Taxi fares are quite cheap in Malta as the island has a large percentage of cars per people. With it being the preferred method of travel (even though the bus service is also very good) local taxi firms are quite competitive in terms of pricing, which makes it good for the customer.

Another positive of pre-purchasing a ticket just after arrival is that you know you won’t be conned out of money as you’re paying the same fare locals do.

Here is a definitive list of all the major destinations you can go to in Malta by taxi from the airport, with the pre-fixed fare you can expect to pay from the kiosk at the airport.

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