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Taxis: The Facts

Everyone uses taxis in Malta. So what do you need to know if you plan of getting one? Here’s the facts.

Firstly, if you haven’t already, read our guide on taxi fares from Malta Airport by clicking here. It lets you know how much it is to get from the airport terminal to practically anywhere on the island, which is important to know so you don’t get ripped off.

Now the most common type of taxi cab you’ll see in Malta are White. These are located at designated taxi bays all over the island and can be used for private pickup. When you’re leaving somewhere like the airport as mentioned, the fare is pre-determined and you pay ahead. If you’re booking one of picking a taxi up from the street, it will run on a meter and you may be charged a lot more. That’s why its good to familiarise yourself with common destination prices and show to the driver you know how much the fare should be without being taken for a scenic drive.

All taxis in Malta need to be registered, so if you don’t see a registration number on the side of the taxi, don’t get in!

There are roughly 12 taxi companies operating on the island, some of the most popular are the folloing:

Malta also has a number of black taxi cabs operating throughout the island. They are ever so slightly different from the white taxis as they are operated by private garages and don’t have access to the designated ranks. They work solely on a pick up and drop off basis for bookings and aren’t allowed to drive around for fares. If you’re out on the street and looking for a taxi, if a black taxi offers, you should know it’s illegal for them to do so.

Taxis are also a great options for groups of 5 or people if you’re holidaying with a large family or friends. If this will be the case for you, then it is reccomended you phone or email these private black cab companies as they commonly have minivan and 7 seaters that are much cheaper than taking two white cabs with a meter running.

Also it’s good to know that if you’re going to be staying in Gozo, taxis from the airport (or whereat on the island) won’t take you to the second island. Instead you’ll have to get another taxi on the other side once you’ve crossed. Don’t worry though. Taxi fares in Gozo are just as good as they are on the main island.

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